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Acotec develops plug-n-run network server appliances and IT solutions that provide managed Internet access and enhanced security.

Acotec connectivity solutions enable service organizations to offer revenue-based high-speed Internet access for their customers. Acotec security servers provide network-based camera surveillance of a property. Acotec solutions are affordable and ideal for small to mid-sized service organizations that operate:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Multi-unit residences and villa complexes
  • Internet cafes
  • Coffee shops and book stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Airports, bus and train terminals
  • Commercial office building

Purchase or Lease Options
Acotec connectivity management solutions can be can be purchased outright, or as a managed service with a one-time installation/setup fee and low monthly payments. With the managed service option is no hardware or software to purchase or maintain.

Very Low Operating Costs
Acotec connectivity solutions support low-cost high-speed ADSL broadband services. ADSL services are typically priced between 600 to 1500 baht per month depending on location.

Acotec Product Offerings

OneNet Internet Access Server
A network appliance enables service organizations to offer revenue-based wired or wireless high-speed Internet access to their customers.

OneNet Security Monitoring Server
A complete camera data network that provides extended surveillance and real-time monitoring of a property.


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